The Ancient City of Baku

The ancient city of Baku, built gradually between the 5th and 6th centuries BCE. Throughout its history, the city has experienced various ethnicity and cultures, including Sassanid, Zoroastrian, Iranian, Arab, Ottoman and ultimately Russian and has held sacred memories in each of its tribes.

The cobblestone streets of the city have filled up the old face of the city. Inside the city are four neighborhoods, two inns, two water fountains and a market that though regularly refurbished, still remained from ancient days.

The Old City of Baku or Ichri Shahir is located right in the center of Baku and is within easy reach, as it is a touristy area with several hotels and many travelers.

Although by staying in any of hotels in this region, you will have easy access to the old city, we would highly recommend taking guided tour of old town in order to get acquainted with local architecture aside from its stunning details.  

The entrance gate is located near the Fountain Square in Baku and you do not need to buy tickets or pay an entrance to the old town. A diverse and complete locality. The Old City of Baku is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites mostly because of Meydan Tower.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this area as one of the top 5 activities to do while you stay in Baku and have a pleasant stay by going through cafes, handicraft shops, restaurants aside from visiting historical places.

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