Shaki town, also known as Green City, is one of the highlights of the traveling to Azerbaijan. Although it’s a long day trip to visit this spot, people are keen to taste the local culture of this region.

For many of travelers visiting the main plaza or national square of the city is the highlight of traveling to Shaki especially visiting the large large park of the city with full of tree houses.

although there are many places to visit in this old city we would suggest some of the highlight in order to get acquainted with local culture and unique architecture. Some of the highlights are; The Old Cemetery, The Inn, Old Mosque, The valley of Salman, Village of Dhaneh Tower and the ancient hills and palace of Shaki Khan Sarai.

This part of the city is almost new and formed in the contemporary era and has been built by one of the national heros and spiritual father of the region, known as Mr. Haji Chalabi. Nowadays his Castle is one of the top-ranked sites to visit.

Foods & Pastries
It’s well noted that everywhere in Azerbaijan has its own foods and pastries and it’s getting quite similar when it comes into facts of providing among Azeri people who live in Azerbaijan, Iranian Azeris or Those Azeris who live in Turkey.

Shaki is very well known for its Halva and you can smell it by strolling down into alleys. Many people just buy this Halva as a Souvenirs for relatives. Foods are extremely delicious especially when it comes into local restaurants you will be exposed to several home made foods that are very delicious. we would highly suggest tasting Ash & Pitti as two of the known dishes in Shaki.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend taking a guided tour of Shaki while you stay in Azerbaijan as its potential is unique for those who are looking for being away from touristy areas.