Lahij is a beautiful and unique village in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains with pristine and unique nature that is gorgeous in every way such as very spectacular paved alleys, large and small stone houses with gutters, etc.

Geographically it’s located in North West of Baku, place where it’s known as as Ismaieli city. This area is on the southern flank of the Caucasus Mountain chain. Many people are of the opinion that Lahij village is in the heart of heaven and it’s given a nickname; The Republic of Azerbaijan.

With its mountainous climate it is always ready to welcome tourists from all over the world and those travelers who are looking for staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, would definitely choose Lahij.

The very beautiful and unique paved alleys of Lahij village is the first item that attracts every visitor. These paved alleys has made this village very remarkable. What makes everyone amazed in this village is, clean and tidy alleys that brings the attention of everyone. It’s well noted that there are approximately 860 inhabitants that are mostly Tats and speak in Tati language.

Although the magnificent village of Lahij with its exquisite craftsmanship and decorated copper utensils can amaze and surprise visitors the carpets of this village are well known throughout the Caucasus and Azerbaijan.

Another item of this village is, its an old wastewater system dates back to approximately 1000 to 1500 years ago that represents old culture of Azeri people who already provided urbanization to its travelers.

The village of Lahij is about 200 kilometers in the north-west of Baku and easily can be reached by different transport system. However, we would suggest taking a private car toward this village, it is worth noting that tourists can also use the public buses to reach this village that helps them meeting local lifestyle.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend putting this village in your bucket list while you stay in Azerbaijan. It has this potential to stay in local houses if you know Azeri language.